Edu Smart _ in CANADA

- EduSmart is a consulting firm specializing in early education established based on 500 academy management and teaching experience in Vancouver, Canada, and has been providing personalized educational information and services to parents and students for the past 20 years.

-In order to foster genuine global K-Pop talent, EduSmart, Canada's top camp education institution, will host the first global K-Pop program with School of performing Arts Seoul, which has produced many K-pop stars.

In the midst of the K-pop craze abroad, EduSmart will train global leaders for talented people who can understand international fashion, language, and culture , but who have no choice but to stand on a limited local stage  even if they have talent.

- With the experience of 20 years of English camp in Canada, we will become an incubator that can raise a global star with international language education,  global culture, and K-pop through collaboration with School of Performinng Arts Seoul


World's Best Junior Camp Company With a 20-Year History 

Celebrities from SOPA  AND K-POP 101 CAMP

Sopa graduates globally are proving with the positive guidance and peer support, every human can make a difference in this world.

Your Dream Happen

A goal of Edu smart global  K-Pop camp


Students Mentoring by students of SOPA+ seeing and experiencing various aspects of international students around the world, 

providing a valuable opportunity to dream of an international stage.

Education program for Professional vocal and acting 

English education: With the long experience of providing programs for ESL camp to students and long-term international students in Canada for over 20 years,

 a program is made suitable for practical music and was devised for global music leaders. It is a program designed for a fun and pratical use of English. 

Exchange and cultural exchange with various international friends

You will make various language and cultural connections while taking classes with friends from all over the world.

Brilliant staff

Korean-American and international teachers conducting children's lives and all programs from beginning to end, and teachers who produced many stars in the fields.

Ethical Education

We strive to make a global celebrity who not only has a gift but also has good mind through a systematic group life.  


Students can be highly motivated  from students of SOPA who share their dreams  and vision.