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In order to foster genuine global K-Pop talent, EduSmart, Canada's top camp education institution, will host the first global K-Pop program with School of performing Arts Seoul, which has produced many K-pop stars.

In the midst of the K-pop craze abroad, 

EduSmart will train global leaders for talented people who can understand international fashion, language, and culture , but who have no choice but to stand on a limited local stage even if they have talent.

Korea's first- K-pop + English education + international culture experience with global friends

With the experience of 20 years of English camp in Canada, 

we will become an incubator that can raise a global star with international language education, global culture, and K-pop through collaboration with School of Performinng Arts Seoul

SOPA: About School of Performing Arts in Seoul

 -Based on the Christian spirit, School of  Performing Arts Seoul is Korea's first and only special purpose high school in the field of performing arts in Korea.

-The school has many performance halls and labs with state-of-the-art facilities, professional instructors in each field with the highest reputation.

-School of  Performing Arts Seoul will lead the future society's performing arts and Hallyu culture.

-Active support are made for the  students so that they can fulfill their dreams and talents with passion and demonstrate their professional artistic capabilities, and to be considerate and respectful of others, Emphasis is placed on re-education of creative global artists with intelligence, sensitivity, and personality, and happiness.

The faculty members strive to educate with passion and dedication where parents trust and also participate in educational activities.


- The school works harder to become a school that shines  a light to the world in cooperation with the local community.

Department of SOPA

Theatre & Film Department

Various genres of performing the necessary depth of acting, dancing, singing, a broadcasting, movies, such as video, which combines theory and practical arts

education through professional broadcast artistsNurture.

Practical Music Department

We offer training courses and opportunities to be the main characters in new Korean wave and K-pop industries.

Practical Dancing Department

We offer training courses and opportunities to be the professional dancers in new Korean wave.

Stage Arts Department

We offer training courses and opportunities to be the creative artists in Korean paintings, western paintings and stage arts.

The place where dreams come true for future global leaders!
Experience high-quality arts education at the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

Celebrities from SOPA

Sopa graduates globally are proving with the positive guidance and peer support, every human can make a difference in this world.

SOPA & K-POP101 Camp 
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