Consists of three amazing classes

Learn and Practice the three components that make up K-POP
C1. Vocal Training

C2. All About Dance

C3. Musical And Acting

Class 3

Musical and Acting

Theatrical play

You can approach the play in a friendly way through ice breaking and various plays.

Understanding Musicals

A general theory class about musicals.

Musical vocalization

Learn various vocalizations about musicals.

A musical chorus

Chorus practice after selecting a song for the performance.

Music Genre Research and Appreciation

Time to experience various genres of music, expand musical knowledge and spectrum, and listen to and experience actual music.
A class where you experience various music to grow into an artist who can digest various genres of music, not limited to one genre.
Learn various vocalizations about musicals.

Musical acting

Acting class required for a musical song for a performance.

Schedule for 3 weeks
[2024. 7/15 - 8/2]

Schedule for 2 weeks
[2024.7/15 - 7/26]

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