Consists of three amazing classes 

Learn and Practice the three components that make up K-POP
C1. Vocal Training

C2. All About Dance

C3. Musical And Acting

Class 2

All about Dance

Poppin' dance

Poppin is a street dance style that began in California in the 1970s. 

This dance style is characterized by rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles, and students learn how to express music through movements such as residenting, waiving, and isolation.

House dance

House dance defines various steps based on house music in a good form to express them in house music influenced by steps such as African dance, tap, and dance. In House class, you learn these basic movements and learn how to express them spontaneously and creatively in music.

Waacking dance

Beginning in the 1970s at a club in Los Angeles, waacking features fast arm and hand movements, poses and footwork. Dancers often use their hands and arms to create visually appealing and expressive styles by striking lines and angles to the beat of the music. 

We have a class where you learn how to express disco music like this.

Locking dance

Locking is a punk dance style that began in California in the late 1960s and was popularized by Don Campbell (also known as Don "Campbellock") and The Lockers dance crew. 

This dance is a dance that is also playful and integrates storytelling and interaction with the audience. 

Learn the basic movements of this dance and learn how to express it in punk music.

Voguing dance

Vogue dance or vogging is rooted in the ballroom scene of Harlem in the 1960 s and 1970 s. 

It is a dance inspired by the fashion model's poses and movements mixed with various movements expressed through the arms in the documentary film Paris is on fire. 

In Voguing class, you learn basic voguing movements such as Old Way, New Way, and Vogue Femme.

Hip-hop dance

Hip-hop dance is constantly evolving with new trends and influences based on energetic and dynamic movements and improvisational features. 

It is a class that basically expresses hip-hop music, and I learn how to express movement and expand it based on the movements of Moptopcrew and Missfits in 1980.

Schedule for 3 weeks
[2024. 7/15 - 8/2]

Schedule for 2 weeks
[2024.7/15 - 7/26]

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