Consists of three amazing classes 

Learn and Practice the three components that make up K-POP
C1. Vocal Training

C2. All About Dance

C3. Musical And Acting

Class 1

Vocal Training

Basic breathing and Vocalization

Time to learn breathing and vocalization, which are the most basic of vocals. Learning how to control and use breath when singing, starting with abdominal breathing. Basic vocalization is a class that studies various vocalizations and learns and studies which vocalizations can be used depending on the song and genre.

Major vocal practice

An in-depth vocal lesson. 

A class to study how to sing a real song well based on breathing and vocalization. Learn how to express songs according to various songs and how to lead the dynamic. 

It's a class where you express your feelings by singing a real song and find your vocal color.

Vocal and basic dance

Lesson learning how to use your body at the same time as singing. 

Not just standing up and singing. 

Learn to express songs and music by making full use of your body while singing. It relaxes the hardened body to the vocals whose body is an instrument, and learns how to sing more comfortably and freely through the circulation and utilization of the body.

Basic music theory

Time to study basic theories that any student studying music should know. Especially studying the theories that vocals need more. 

Afterwards, the class consists of contents that can be helpful when writing the own sonng or performing self-accompaniment.

Research and appreciation of music genres

Time to experience various genres of music, expand musical knowledge and spectrum, and listen to and experience actual music. 

A class that is not limited to one genre, but experiences various music to grow into an artist who can digest various genres of music.

Schedule for 3 weeks
[2024. 7/15 - 8/2]

Schedule for 2 weeks
[2024.7/15 - 7/26]

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